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Stapleton - Vehicle Activated Sign - Update

The Parish Council have asked the County Council to provide some advice on the loations that we proposed to place posts for a Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign and we have posted their comments below for your information.

The Parish Council will welcome any comments you may have.

Ashby Road-

We revisited the location between houses 15-17 and is suitable for an MVAS to be installed here, However we prefer not to work in grass verges where parking could be an issue and the verge is slightly cut up. therefore would recommend putting it closer to the corner in the footway where the footway opens up outside properties 23-25.

Location 2 on Ashby road close to village hall for traffic approaching the village. Due to the vegetation there is no space for a post to be installed in the verge therefore we looked at putting it on the opposite side of the road where there is sufficient space.

However due to the change in speed Limit from – to – the post needs to be at least 100m away from this change. Your desired location was only around 70m away from the speed limit change and vegetation means we couldn't accommodate a MVAS on that side of the road, see Photo 1. we looked at putting it on the opposite side of the road where there is sufficient space.

We would be happy for an MVAS to be implemented around 110m away from the speed limit change as shown in photo 2 and 3. However there are factors that need to be considered. Due to it being an 'A' road and therefore high volumes of traffic and taking this into consideration along with the area this would more than likely die frequently.

With Regards to Ashby Road, it might be worth while carrying out a speed survey at the location first due to the traffic flow and speeds, MVAS probably isn't suitable at this location.

Dadlington Lane-

Officers again visited the location and measured the distance from the speed limit change to your desired location for the MVAS. This distance was only 75m (see photo 4) therefore we would not implement one here and therefore looked at the possibility of putting one further up Dadlington Lane.

We looked at the possibility of having it in the back of the footway (see photo 5 and 6) to the left of the of the junction with Beales as shown in the attached photos. However once again this is not suitable due to the footway widths being 1.8m there isn't sufficient space on the footway to accommodate a MVAS. Therefore we look at putting this over the road where this is sufficient space in the grass verge as shown in photo 7.

This would be significant distance away from the tree and suitable to capture speeds on either/both directions. This location would also take away the risk of potential parked cars affecting the MVAS picking up cars going by.

Posted: Thu, 14 Oct 2021 16:53 by Alexandra Stretton

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